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a day of mixed emotions 2009
Thursday, January 13, 2011
I promised myself I'll blog about my O lvls results day soon. So here I am. I'll blogged bout open house and publicity drive/2011 O lvl results next.

This is a short entry I wrote when I was turning 17 in 8months time, just after getting my results. Pardon me for the poor English.... Here it goes...

I was worry-free. I slept, woke up, went to school to meet the girls without any worries for it. I was the only one who was still so 'high'. I even told sam that, 'when sam don't camwhore, something is wrong'. I could still joke.

I sat there, trying to calm Aisyah down. I knew I needn't to be worried because what is done, is done. When I saw that history actually had 100% pass and 89.5% distinction, I felt relieved. I knew it wasn't that bad.

Aisyah jumped when she heard her results. Her friends in front of me jumped towards her as well, I knew she did well. It was my turn, yet, I felt so carefree. I sat on the chair, I heard, 'English, A1' and I was shocked. 'Literature in English, A2, Combined Humanities, A1'. Hey, where did my heart go? Every word made me felt like I was in heaven. My heart stopped beating because I was just so shocked.

When I heard, 'Maths, B3', my excitement suddenly dropped. Where did my A1 go? Yet, I was put on a roller coaster ride because the next thing I heard was, 'Science, A2, Music, A1'. Music, A1? Mr Sim, thank you! I was tearing from the combined humanities part. I stood, hugged, took my bag and ran to Yiusi. I squatted there.

I was overjoyed that I didn't know I could count my L1R5 from the results slip. My hand was trembling when I teared open the letter. I searched, and I saw, 'L1R5 - 08, L1R4 - 06'. I was stunned, Yiusi and Anne went 'Wow'. I called my mum, crying; I told her I have 8points and she too, was shocked.

While on the way up to where Miss Yap was, I told Liyin and Huixian, 'I have 8points'. 'Huh?' was what I heard. Who would believe that I actually scored 8 points?

Miss Yap said she knew I have gotten B3 and C5 respectively. Yet, when she took my results slip and saw the grades on it, she teared. The 1st and only time I saw her in tears. I felt really touched, I cried even more. It was one of the few times I felt so treasured and of some importance in KC in 4 years.

I saw Mrs Tan as well and she said she was proud of us. I continued crying. I remember crying because I was afraid I don't have enough time to study for history. Mrs Tan was nice and caring. She gave me that A1. Without her, it would have been nothing.

Mrs Lim was happy for me. She said I had 6 distinctions which I only realized after she told me. Miss Sim said I'd top the class. How Many times does Alina top Her class? Never, and I was triumphant. When I look into my report book, I am proud of my achievements because I was 30th in class for Prelims. Not that my classmates didn't do well, it all was the miracle of God.

When I saw Miss Chai in the foyer, she asked, 'how did you do for English?'. She was stunned and asked, 'how did you do it?' when I said, A1. Miss Sim, Thankyou! A1 wouldn't have been possible without you.

I ate Astons with Huiyi and Sheryl at 5pm. I felt really good catching up with them. Upon leaving, Huiyi told her mum on the phone that I had 8 points and her mum asked her to go out with people like me often. Her mum said hanging around with me might influence Huiyi to become smarter.

Well, I am not smart. I am dumb in Many ways I admit. I worked hard but not hard enough. Where did my A1 for Emaths go to? So what if I have 4A1s? How come my Lit and combined sci can only get A2s?

When I went home was it then that I realized that I didn't work that hard and to get 8 points with 6A1s, it was all by God so I should really be thankful. It was a day of mixed emotions.

Okay, this is an addition from the above. Other than thanking my teachers, I wanna thank my lovely friends.

Thank you Yating for the fun recess time we always spend tog as a clique.

Thank you Liyin for listening to all my nonsense in class and allowing me to 'steal' your books. I still have your Amaths notebook with me! Haha.

Thank you Virina for your emo moments which make us go like okay..... and all the crazy talking about bosco. And of course, studying Amaths with you!

Thank you Huixian for teaching me so much about singing. You gave me the opportunity to 追星. Of course, for going through the tough history lessons with me. I will never forget How we will sleep in class, not do homework and look at other ppl's things!

Thank you Yiusi for sooooo many things! All the crazy 想家 and 燕子 stuff! The talks and paper chatting about MS-es and other teachers. There's too many things In class to be mentioned!

Thank you Samantha for all the lovely moments! I think we had alot of memorable moments, working tog to set up entrepreneur club, and Run it. I'm so glad it's still there after all these years. Like you said, we were never in the same class but we were really good friends so really thankful for that.

Thank you Reginia for being a part the entrepreneur club comm. Although we weren't that close in the last 2 yr's of sec sch, thank you for bringing to me 2 yr's of wonderful memories! How we used to sing the superband songs and how you will teach me how to rap! Still remb that 孙子兵法 song and 七里香, J3 and Lucifer? All those superband moments!

Okay, that's all for today. It's the 'unofficial' 1st day of school and I'm rely tired alr.

Goodnights world.

Friday, December 31, 2010
A Glimpse of what happened in 2010.

The Way To Eblouissant
Thursday, December 23, 2010
currently at orientation 2011 training now!!!

Trishta, me and pei en..

Our packed lunch! Learnt abit of mass dance before lunch!

Cheuktow and I after eating..


Welcome to hongkong!
Thursday, December 16, 2010
In hongkong now!!! It's 2.15pm.. Some photos of this morning

In the taxi to the airport...

Using free internet before heading to the boarding gate.

The A380 that we took!!!

You are an alien and I am a geek??
Me and my siblings were playing with my iPhone camera apps this few days. And me and my brother was playing around with the 2 specs I bought Ytr.. Haha.

Ok, I'm leaving Hkg in like 8hrs so do enjoy the pics cos I don't think I'll have Internet to blog. :)

This is done with the blend cam. Quite cool. Can blend different photos tog! Can you spot all 3 of us?

Yes, I am the geek and you are the alien!!! ;)

Okay, that's all for now. More pics and blogging when I'm back from hongkong. Hopefully I'll have time since I have a super busy schedule!


Nooblings at loose!!!
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Met up with noobling Ytr! Yay yay! We went to shop around bugis.. I bought a blouse, a geek specs and a cyclops sunglass. Noobling bought a checkered blouse and a jacket for her bro. :)

We were playing with my iPhone 4 camera while waiting for our KOI. Noobling's 1st time buying KOI.

RGB Rebounding



Busstop advertisement for KOI. Haha.

before we say goodbye......Another lomo! :)

Family Photoshoot 2010
Monday, December 13, 2010
Family Photoshoot 2010!


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